..fragrant dishes... elegantly presented, with Ronny on hand to describe with epicurean skill and delight, the spices, history and stories behind each course.  Alas, a dessert as perfect as Rasmalai, delicate balls of 'paneer' in a creamy pool of mango-infused sauce (phirni) is a treat not readily available without a return trip!  Our German and US guests were in heaven. Highly recommended!

Kim Turner
Project Leader, Cities of Migration
Senior Research Associate
Global Diversity Exchange
Ted Rogers School of Management
Ryerson University


As diner Yvonne Popovska explains, it scratches an itch not satisfied by the typical restaurant experience.

“It’s intimate, a different atmosphere. You don’t do this every day,” she says, simply.

“It’s very special.”

From the article in the Globe and Mail on Saturday, March 8m 2014.



"...and I must say that maybe my personally favorite aspect of Ronica's dinner hosting is the wonderful mix of the formal and the casual: you eat a fine meal at a beautifully set table with candlelight and wine . . . and yet you're in someone's home, shoes off, chatting easily with people you just met. It's a superb idea, but Ronica also pulls it off with quiet grace, combining gold-rimmed plates and a bandana as though there were no other way to be. Love it. How lucky I feel to have been there."

Petra Dreiser

Writer and Editor

I’d like to thank you for an incredible dining experience at your home.  We felt very welcome the moment we said hello, and your warm hospitality throughout the evening made us feel like we were a part of your family rather than the perfect strangers we were.  The food was remarkable and your casual visits while we ate added a special twist as we were truly being treated by the chef herself.  Thank you. My new husband and I look forward to having dinner with you again.

Natalie Healy

Account Manager

LOFT Communications + Events

There was a lot of eating to be done, so soon after 8 we sat down. Conversation was easy – the group was similarly educated and similarly adventurous. We were shut up with the arrival of the first course: Paneer Kathi Kababs. This is an Indian style crepe that originated as street food; with mashed paneer cheese, garam masala and a host of fresh spices. It simulated our senses and prepared our stomachs for the feast...

This evening proved to me that Toronto is indeed a city filled more with potential friends than strangers. It is worth it to step out of the restaurant scene and into a new home filled with people who all want and appreciate the same thing: good, honest food. Which is all of us.

Courtney Sunday