Ah Labour Day, it has been a long time since I had this experience quite like this! Of course both the boys are now grown, but one is now attending Queens - he transferred from Australia, which is his story to tell!

Anyway, the good news is that he took care of living arrangements and most of the packing. Please don't go into packed cases in the basement next time, I have no space for more chatckas! But he did need help with the actual move. Him having had a rather late night out the previous night (let's say very early morning) did not help matters because our ETD was much delayed. I - can't remember how long it has been - spent the night on an air mattress on the floor. On the other hand it was quite lovely to help him settle in, go grocery (did I say major, I mean really major) shopping. We had frozen pizzas for dinner. So guess no real bad news, except the original plan was to drop him early, return and for me to go to milonga!

But, no matter I left the next morning and had a lovely stop and waffle brunch with my good friend, her partner and their four Portuguese waterdogs! Home to 3 hours of filing. Now there is a completeIy clean work area and desk, I felt quite virtuous I must say.

Finished Ilustrado the book by Miguel Syjuco, that won the Asian Man Booker from the manuscript!! It is impressive, the device for telling the story is very confusing which may say more about me than the story-telling. Not sure why I did not find it as satisfying as I expected or more likely wanted. Strange how one's state of being impacts what one is reading at the time! On to Tinkers...