Ilustrado by Miguel Syjuco won the Asian Man Booker before being published! There is absolutely no doubt that he is a gifted writer, but I was aching to read a straight forward story. He draws wonderful images of scenes and I learned a lot about the history of the Philipines but I wanted to hear more about the characters' stories. Honestly found the device of using a different font for the voice of the various narrators a bit confusing and actually missed the most important revelation at the end of the book at first pass! Look forward to reaading his next book.

My first movie at TIFF this year was Ano Bisiesto (Leap Year) from Mexico. I am glad Hollywood didn't make the movie, it is very true to life and gritty. Hollywood would without a doubt have cast an A-list actress with a perfect body and luminous lighting. Anyway that being said, this was a disturbing film to watch; urban alienation and the deep result of violence I think is depicted well. The Mexican actress did an admirable job of staying natural. Am glad I got to see it because it definitely will not open at any mainstream (not sure about arthouses either) cinema in Canada! Tonight 'I Saw The Devil'.

But alright what's with the cost of tickets, and having to pick them up downtown? Why is TIFF not able to offer printable tickets like several major theatres. Or at least more than one pickup location?