So first of all full disclosure. I am not a wine authority of any kind except that I like it; like it a lot! And enjoy it with my food. Whereas I feel there are no rules except that the two should taste good together, perhaps a few pointers would help. Your palate is the ultimate test.

First of all without question I feel beer and cold Indian beer really serves Indian food best. I feel that lighter reds without a lot of tannins work better than heavier reds, with Indian food; like Malbec and lamb, a Spanish Rioja goes well with goat, as does Shiraz and Pinot Noir. You might like a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Cabernet Franc.

I particularly like a Savignon Blanc which is citric and astringent and not too oaky. Non-oaked wines seem to work well with the spices in Indian food because they are not bitter. A few to try would be Torrontes, German Reisling, Pinot Blanc or Pinot Gris. I have also had a Rose on a summer day with much success; sparkling wines can mate well too. Generally something hot needs a little sweetness in the wine to cool it, Acidity will enhance the heat.

Of course one can never err with champagne I feel! Ultimately, there is no substitute for trial and error.

Now where are those samosas and my Sauvignon Blanc? Yummm