This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family in Lima, OH. Unfortunately my younger son (forgot his passport in Kingston!) and my older brother and his family (lives in NJ and their Thanksgiving is in November) could not be part of the celebration. However, the weather was spectacular - over 80F on both the Saturday and Sunday! Then of course my younger brother's family (including dog Coco) was there, my older son, sister and some delish food. Ample drink too!

Like most of my acquaintances, we (I in particular) have much for which to be thankful. Unfortunately some misfortune is what brings this to mind. So I am truly thankful for many, many blessings and so as not to bore you will not list them!

However, a few outstanding memories from the weekend I will. First of all on Sunday a lovely walk on a beautiful fall day, in the park with my sister and sister-in-law and yes little Coco who got tuckered out and needed a little rest! Around the reservoir, winding path mostly unpopulated and gorgeous colours. Que bueno!

Then, a small visit with my sister to visit my father and mother's grave. Yes, it is one; my mother was cremated and then her ashes buried here (well, in Lima, OH where she was last) and in Amritsar in the same cemetary as her mother. My father was cremated too, a small amount of his ashes were buried at the same site as my mother in Lima and the rest we took to Coorg in India for his last rites. So, it was a beautiful day on Saturday, my sister and I had tea and then went to the gravesite. We sat on the grass beside the grave; there were two new graves not far and the grave (we noticed for the first time!) of a 25 year old boy with the most poignant inscription on the gravestone. Some things defy reason and are unnatural at any time, like the death of a child before the parents. We should have taken our tea and had it with Mummy and Papa, Monju!

Then, the dinner itself on Sunday evening, perdoname I seem to be jumping between days. My sister (it is a common ailment in our family) was afraid we would run out of food; so we had 2 full pomfret (fish) that my son cooked to perfection on the BBQ, 2 roasted chickens, roasted root veggies, green beans (courtesy of a friend), masala mashed potatoes, all after a lovely endive salad. Yum - and needless to say no-one went hungry and then, we had volcano cupcakes and mithai (Indian sweetmeats from my older brother). Sated to the point of bursting! Maybe we'll try tandoori BBq chicken next time.

Until next year...oh yes, Tinkers, I really enjoyed. Extremely well crafted though I do have friends who did not like it at all!! Also wonderful is Vassanji's the Assasin's Song and The Glass Room by Simon Mawer - I don't want it to end! But have half a dozen others that are unread on my beside table!

Any advice on the Togo? iBook or is it iPad? Carrying 12 books to read while travelling because I never want to be without, when there is this option seems silly. So bring on the advice.