So it has been a week since our mayor Rob Ford was elected - how? Well, of course I know how, and though everything was pointing to this coming to pass, I actually believed perhaps saner minds would prevail. But then being angry seldom comes with sane minds. And so it came to pass in the US midterms too.

I am not a political junkie or pundit or anything, but these decisions actually impact my life; all our lives in one way or another and so I have a hard time understanding people who decide not to excercise their vote.

Cutting taxes sounds and is a sound idea in principal like managing one's own budget and not using a credit card; but is extremely difficult to excercise and comes with some hard choices. Unlike one's own budget, doing this with a province or country is more far reaching and could have dire consequences. Of course having fewer councillors and thereby reducing the budget seems not such a huge sacrifice, however cutting the budget which then effects say the TTC in Toronto is on the other hand perhaps, not such a sound idea.

The US injected 600billion into their economy yesterday, called the QE 2! Acronym for quantitative easing. Yup, not quite sure what to make of all this. Somehow I feel that we are all kind of responsible for the financial 'crisis'. A lot of us are in a similar position and should be taking a hard look at our own finances and managing them; without of course the benefit of any QE!!

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