In New York and New Jersey until Wednesday. Drove both ways and still can't figure out how I completely missed the news about the snow, I-90 closing, lake effect snow etc in Buffalo last week on Wednesday night into Thursday when I left a sunny TO! Well suffice it to say that until the nice Immigration Officer at the Queenston/Lewiston bridge advised me to fill my tank before venturing anywhere I was none the wiser!

That is the first thing I did and it was a confusing time because people weren't exactly sure what was happening. What I don't understand is why Buffalo is almost invariably caught unaware with the snow in the winter. The city hasn't moved in at least 100 years to my knowledge and so subject to pretty much the same or very similar weather conditions. Why can they not handle the snow and get enough equipment or whatever it takes. Be that as it may, the most helpful lady Gretchen at the front desk of the Allbright Knox Gallery (not sure how I landed up there but got off the highway and there I was at the entrance like a homing pigeon!) went on her computer, gave me a map, highligted an alternate route away from the closed section of I-90, got me some advance weather info and sent me off. Thank you Gretchen because that was the only glitch to the drive. Well, besides going over the NJ Turnpike 3 times because of construction and bad signage.

Finally arrived in Brooklyn to the lovely Ms. M's house. Wine and Thai food was the perfect antidote. The next day was marvellous with gallery hopping in Chelsea even if very cold - brrr.

I could write a whole article just on Anselm Kiefer at the Gagosian Gallery - it was sublime. Landscapes that have been restructured, very, very beautiful despite the subject matter. Show is titled Next Year in Jerusalem. The meat-locker installation with hung pictures/prints is haunting. Each installation is in it's own glass box which would seem constricting, which it is and also not! You can see the other installations in their own boxes which makes the entiire exhibition compelling and "distanced" at the same time. Absolutely made that whole day worthwhile; it was frigid and windy. Everyone should see this. Another good show was Francesco Clemente at Mary Boone in Manhattan; we couldn't get in to see the installation at her location in Chelsea. Also caught Nigel Nolan's installation at NP contemporary before it came down that weekend.

Last few days spent with family cocooning and feasting! Return drive was 8 1/2 hours despite the snow showers in PA. NY was clear this time around but it was bitterly cold throughout. Guess that is what winter is about; some Indian food would do wonders! Come and visit Ronica's Divan soon.