This is the second time I was an understudy. The first was for Rice Boy and didn't get on stage at all. And recently I was understudy for My Granny, the Goldfish. Granny in both cases, except for the latter I was hired specifically to do three nights! The actor they had for the role was offered a recording with Dave Brubeck, clearly an honour and chance of a lifetime so she was released.

Am glad in rectrospect that I accepted, though at the beginning of the process I was questioning my sanity. It was a wonderful opportunity but was also the lead with reams of text! To top it all there were exactly 6 days of rehearsal with dress and tech the afternoon of. As I said during the process I was very overwhelmed, but am so very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with a wonderful director Rosemary Dunsmore and a very supportive and accepting cast not to mention crew. First of all much of the credit goes to my director who had (I felt) implicit faith that I could pull it off, gave me permission to make the role my own and despite my feeling lack of depth for the character gave me some excellent pointers to ground my performance. I actually enjoyed being on stage and performing on the last evening. Guess it showed, we got two curtain calls and a standing ovation - our first I understand from the cast! So feel very pleased and gratified.

Unfortunately I did not post or advertise this as widely as I would have liked because to be honest wasn't certain of the outcome. But the pure adrenalin rush from working hard and getting it on its feet was worthwhile. So all in all an excellent experience and the reason there was no divan this past Saturday, March 31st.

Looking forward to welcoming and hosting you at a divan in the near future.