As promised this is the blog about the sights in Barcelona. Ok so most of them are those favoured by tourists and recommended by anyone who has visited, or any book about the city. Again, for good reason because even though this was my second visit they all were worth the second visit, and most definitely worth the first.

For any of you with an interest in museums, of which there are numerous, it is a good idea to buy a pass for 30euros which gives you access to 6. It is good value even if you go to just 3. My favourites in no particular order were the Picasso museum, Foundacion Miro and MACBA - the museum of contemporary art. For historical reasons the Foundacion Antoni Tapies is helpful in the history of art in Spain besides being beautiful. The building of the National Museum (MNAC) in Montjuic, a lovely 10 - 15 walk through one of the loveliest gardens from the Miro Foundation is stunning. Not least for the view from the front of the building.

Like almost everyone who goes to the Picasso museum, his take on 'Las Meninas' is never-endingly intriguing; a full series of 58 works. Of course the original Las Meninas is also amazing, and worth a visit at the Prado in Madrid. You may have read an article earlier this summer in the Globe entitled 'Meh, Picasso', but honestly to see his work here, how it progressed and how prolific he was is jaw-dropping.

At the Miro Foundation, the 'mercury fountain' by Calder who was a very good friend of Miro's and made it for the World Exhibition in Paris is amazing. It was actually commissioned by the Spanish Republican government in 1937. It was actually not enclosed and people could see it up close in its original form. The fact that he used real mercury instead of water, the texture of the fluid is astonishing. There was a stunning work exhibited by an artist called Mona Hattoum.

One of my favourite memories as well as sights were the churches. Of course the Old Cathedral is a grand and beautiful structure. But my favourite was the Santa Maria del Mar in the Ribera. It is pure Catalan Gothic, stark and gorgeous and dates back to 998. Parts were under repair but even that did not take away from its stunning beauty and feeling inside.

A favourite pastime was walking the different barris (districts). We were very fortunate to be centrally located in Barri Gotic, but well worth a visit was Gracia where a local festival began in the middle of August where every street competes for being the best and most uniquely decorated. All traffic is stopped, but the throngs of people can make walking some of the street quite challenging; if you are at all claustrophobic you should stay away! Though not every street is that congested; also had some of the very best Syrian food here.

Now back to work, to work! I look forward to hosting you very soon. Hasta pronto!