I was very lucky to be able to travel to Copenhagen (and Berlin - in another article) this August. It was a short trip, unplanned and done on kind of short notice. This time to celebrate my son's end of articling position before his call to the bar. 

We spent 4 days; very full and quite delightful. I had heard the city is lovely, and indeed it is - very lovely and picturesque. The people are extremely friendly and the food very good. We stayed in an apartment rented through the ubiquitous www.airbnb.com. It was across the street from an amazing food market; there were flower stalls and other sundry articles, but it is mainly for food and drink www.Torvehallernekbh.dk. Needless to say it was where we did quite a bit of eating and drinking.

The foodstall selling fresh gnocchi was the best that any of us had eaten anywhere, hands down - bar none. They actually rolled out the pasta and proceeded from there as each order was received. That with a glass of champaigne from another stall, sunshine and what else could one ask. Very, very good Smorrebord of course; fresh fish and meat with excellent bread and cheese. 

The first day we had dinner that was booked through Dine With The Danes (www.facebook.com/dinewiththedanes) who can be contaced via their Facebook page. They book your meal with a local family to get a unique experience. We had a lovely evening and dinner with Lotte and Peter Stroiman. The instructions and directions were exact and they met us at the station; they live about half an hour from the city. We walked to their lovely, typical Danish home and were treated to dinner and beer made locally - infact in a forest about five miles from where they live! It is an experience I would recommend highly.

The next evening one of our party suggested (think it may have been courtesy of Tripadvisor) Les Trois Cochons. It is a pretty restaurant, with good food, wine and service even if expensive for what it offered I thought. Nice mix of French and Danish food in a nice location, which happened to be quite close to where we were staying.

We also visited the stunning Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebaek, about 25 miles north of the city www.louisiana.dk. It has a stunning permanent collection and sculpture garden. It is situated right on the shores of the sound from where you can see Sweden. The cafeteria is located in the garden and the view from a table there on a clear day is simply spectacular. In addition it is easily accessible via train. A bit of trivia which may be just legend - apparently named so because the owner had 3 wives all named Louise.

That evening to celebrate the birthday of one of our party we went to a lovely little boite called Restaurant Krebsgaarden run by the chef Carsten, and sommelier Mats. The service was impeccable and the food quite superb. We found it via Tripadvisor, and would recommend it without hesitation. The food is influenced by the art which is showing in the adjoining gallery. The attention to detail was admirable and their passion and knowledge infectious. 

On the other hand, it is an expensive city and our visit to a bar called Ruby/Ebony & Ivory wasn't as good. The drinks were fine, the location is lovely on the water, but the service quite lackadaisical. Small quibble to an overall lovely experience.

There are a number of vintage shops to explore. Also some small design studios We did a boat tour to get an idea of the city, and lucked out with a guide who wasn't just knowledgeable but had a wonderful and droll sense of humour!

Of course as anywhere, there was a lot of walking involved to get a feel of the city. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the excellent public transit. Worth thinking of a return visit I think!

On the way through from Berlin, we had the good fortune to have a few hours to kill at the airport between flights and indulged at The Caviar House in Terminal 3 with some champagne; very civilized finish to a memorable vacation.