Well it's a wonderful day.

Made breakfast for myself - boys asleep. How indulgent is that? Some lovely wrapping paper lay on the kitchen counter. "Wow" I thought picking it up "I must to put it away where I remember to use it." As I turned it over I realized that my baby had made a gigantic Mother's Day card and left a big piece for my imagination!

Perfect start. Then a quick chat with a friend in BsAs and another in Delhi. Nisha and I have been friends since we were about 10 years okd; no I am not going to mention how many years ago that is or which number her birthday is today. Let's just say old friends are the best and leave it there...

Then went vintage shopping; boys are making dinner for me and as usual now have about 12 people who might potentially be here! Not sure how that happens almost without fail and last minute. No milonga tonight.