The BMW/Mini showroom at the bottom on Broadview is quite spectacular. Lots of space, wonderful light and the morning light specially through the floor to ceiling glass. Views of the TO skyline and DVP and West Donlands.

I love early morning calls in Toronto. Except for birdsong, the city is almost silent in the silver light - the sliver of a fading moon hangs in the pre-dawn sky. The streets are still. It is 4:30am and I am on my way to work!

I am doing a Street Food segment on air with my pal Mike Tong who is making magic with flames and noodles. I am cooking dosas and satay on a bun. Time compression - weird how 45 seconds on TV consumes hours of real time and more for prep and shopping. And then it lives forever in re-runs. So different from theatre or even your last good meal!