So first for the big smoke - La Negra was here to teach last weekend and on Tuesday. Hopefully the first of many more.

My surprise (or she is an excellent actress) is that she remembered me and that we had met last at Des Nivel in San Telmo! Of course I was flattered. Why is it that something that should be 'natural' is so difficult to do and most often looks manipulated and unnatural? Wish she had been here last summer. My financial situation then would have allowed one at least, maybe two private classes.

Did come away with some good tips; full foot on the floor - always, free leg belongs to the 'man', balance is our responsibility and of course give yourself completely without thinking - only feeling - to the leader for the duration of the tanda. Good advice; seems logical and common sense; yeah right - just try, it is hard to turn off the brain. But man, those few seconds (if you are lucky --- minutes) when it all falls into place is pure magic!

One works a lifetime for those precious 'times' and it is worth it....

Here then is some magic!