It is wonderful to be home. Buenos Aires was great, I met several (sadly not all) old friends and made a number of new ones. Muchas gracias todos y cada uno.

After a rather amazingly summery first week back, the rain is welcome - for the garden at least. Spring comes with its own set of ups and downs; garden coming to life, holes in the ground! Fortunately no fish fatalities over the summer, but cleaning their habitat is a production! Lovely new growth and discovering the plants that did not survive the winter. But all in all, it is nice to hear the birds chirping even the squirrels scurrying all over the roof at all hours.

Attached are a couple of links - first to the latest article in Metroland and second to a cooking demostration that I am doing with my partner in crime, Karen Johnson in my other venture The South Asian Tasting Table. If you are out in that neck of the woods on Tuesday, May 14th come by and say hello.

Look forward to seeing you in the near future.