So it looks like this is a go - Thanksgiving dinner Indian style; and you can celebrate with the traditional meal also.

Please contact me for details. Since it is a school night and working day we will begin dinner at 730pm and go until 930 or 10pm.

If you would like a particular dish, make your request. 5 spots left. Look forward to seeing you.

Fiesta para compleanos para Jerry amigos en mi casa en 26 de septiembre. Ole

Birthday party for Jerry's birthday on September 26th.

This is added on Sep 15th because I stand corrected; Natasha was the first to host a divan at her lovely townhouse in Cabbagetown! Lo siento Natasha.

So Bernadette and Alan have started a trend, and I love it. October 2nd 'Ronica Cooks' travels for a workshop and divan in Indianapolis. This time being hosted by Alfred Mijares and Tony Pickell!

I am definitely liking this aspect of it very much....anyone else?

The next Divan is preceeded by a cooking workshop. It is being hosted by Bernadette Jones & Alan Marsh.

The next divan will be on September 11th. You will still be able to catch a 'Midnight Madness' film at TIFF!

The equivalent of a 4 course Indian meal served family style. The special cost is $45pp and BYOB.

Depending on the weather we may start in the backyard. I will provide bug spray for those who need it! I will send those who want to attend a menu earlier that week.

We will being at 7pm and probably be done by 10pm. Of course those you wish to are welcome to stay longer.

Would you like to  taste a particular dish?