The stars aligned! I have added November 27th because of a request. There are 3 spots left for it at the moment. Please contact me for more details and if you might be interested in a cooking class.

So, the 'Ronica Travels' has been postponed till early next year. I will post December dates in a week or so. In the meanwhile, do think of gifts of a 'divan' to friends, family or colleagues. Organise one for a special occasion. Gift certificates are available now. Contact me for details.

Please note change of date from the 20th to 21st.

This will be the last divan for November, 'ronicacooks' will be travelling for a couple of weeks for inspiration and ideas.

The holiday season is coming up, why not give one as a gift to a friend or family member, or even business colleague.

Book one now, contact us for details. Look forward to hearing from you.

Pre-Halloween divan. You are welcome to dress-up. Menu coming up soon.

Dinner begins at 730pm. Equivalent of a 3 course meal served family style at a communal table.

Please contact me if you are interested, need more information or have any questions.

Book yourself for a cooking class at 4pm, invite someone to join you and enjoy the equivalent of a 3 course dinner that you have prepared at a communal table with family, friends old and new.

Contact us for details and more information, through 'Book a divan'.

The next divan is scheduled for Saturday, October 23rd. It will be a cooking class followed by dinner.

We will begin at 4pm and then feast on the food we have cooked at about 730pm. There are 4 spaces left; about 2 for the cooking class due to space restrictions.

I would be more than pleased to do a dinner the following week on Thursday October 28th if people are interested. Please send me a quick note to let me know; it is only dinner because it is midweek and a school night, however should anyone wish to take part in the cooking I am sure we can figure something out.

Look forward to seeing several of you.