In an effort to ease planning for the summer here are the dates for planned divans in July: July 6th - Saturday, for a change July 18th - Thursday, and July 27th - Saturday.

Why not try a private divan as a different way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or mark a special occasion. Call or e-mail to discuss your options.

Well I am back from Buenos Aires and glad to be home; and to this spectacular weather to boot! My apologies about no dates posted for May. I was going to do this while away, but my computer got a virus and this site was out of commission for the last two weeks of April. So what I had planned for this month was May 11th, which is next weekend and I realise perhaps not enough time for planning. However, should anyone be interested, please contact me and we can see what can be done. The other date is May 25th, also a Saturday.

For June the dates are June 8th, 15th and 29th. All Saturdays. The 22nd is booked for a private event.

I look forward to hosting you, the garden is beginning to look full and the fish are jumping! As always, please contact me should you wish to host a private event at a date and/or venue of your choice.

A short message to update divans for March - 9th, 16th and 23rd. All Saturdays.

There will be a month's hiatus in April, as I make a trip to Buenos Aires for work, inspiration and of course practice my tango and Spanish!

However, divans will resume in May - 11th and 25th. Saturdays. My son graduates the on the 17th, so there won't be a divan that week.

As always, please contact me for private divans, lessons or questions you may have.

Well here we are, it's two years later and I am back. Holy be, it is still warm here! The following dates have been confirmed:

March 31 - Private divan at my friend Juliet's lovely home.

April 10 - Back at my friend Dan Perlman's Casa Saltshaker. Pop-up divan please check

April 17 - Colectivo Felix. Second pop-up, please check

More dates to be added as they are confirmed.


February 2013 - Please note that February 2nd and 9th are no longer available and for February 16th, we are offering a special Valentine's Day Divan in Alliston. My good friend and colleague Catherine Wilson and her husband Tom at Alliston B&B ( are hosting this event. Please contact us either through this site or the site for the Alliston B&B for availability and more details. February 23rd is available should a divan in the city be more to your liking.

March 2013 - Divans for the month of March are the 2nd, 9th and 16th - all Saturdays. Being that the divan on the 16th falls on the eve of St Patrick's Day, it might be worth trying to have a completely green menu!

As always, should you prefer a divan on another date and/or at  venue that suits you better just contact us we would only be too pleased to accomodate the request. Please drop a line should you have questions or need more information.