Yes, yet again the summer has gone and I am left wondering where it went and so quickly too! But I did have a couple of memorable trips to Chicago and an overnight in Milwaukee which were great. Of course, the food was amazing - but that is for another place and time!

I realise that I have been lax in posting dates so here they are: In September - Saturday the 21st, for which there are four spots left.

In October - Thursday the 10th, Saturday the 19th and Wednesday the 23rd.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have and don't forget it is always possible to book a private divan at a venue and date of your choice.

In an effort to ease planning for the summer here are the dates for planned divans in July: July 6th - Saturday, for a change July 18th - Thursday, and July 27th - Saturday.

Why not try a private divan as a different way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or mark a special occasion. Call or e-mail to discuss your options.

Well here we are, it's two years later and I am back. Holy be, it is still warm here! The following dates have been confirmed:

March 31 - Private divan at my friend Juliet's lovely home.

April 10 - Back at my friend Dan Perlman's Casa Saltshaker. Pop-up divan please check

April 17 - Colectivo Felix. Second pop-up, please check

More dates to be added as they are confirmed.


Well I am back from Buenos Aires and glad to be home; and to this spectacular weather to boot! My apologies about no dates posted for May. I was going to do this while away, but my computer got a virus and this site was out of commission for the last two weeks of April. So what I had planned for this month was May 11th, which is next weekend and I realise perhaps not enough time for planning. However, should anyone be interested, please contact me and we can see what can be done. The other date is May 25th, also a Saturday.

For June the dates are June 8th, 15th and 29th. All Saturdays. The 22nd is booked for a private event.

I look forward to hosting you, the garden is beginning to look full and the fish are jumping! As always, please contact me should you wish to host a private event at a date and/or venue of your choice.

A short message to update divans for March - 9th, 16th and 23rd. All Saturdays.

There will be a month's hiatus in April, as I make a trip to Buenos Aires for work, inspiration and of course practice my tango and Spanish!

However, divans will resume in May - 11th and 25th. Saturdays. My son graduates the on the 17th, so there won't be a divan that week.

As always, please contact me for private divans, lessons or questions you may have.