Greetings friends! Thank you for stopping by our page.

Slowly, slowly Spring is inching into our gardens and streets, hailing fresh beginnings. At Ronica Cooks, we too, are starting a phase of transformation, eagerly looking ahead to new challenges. In fact, we are in tne midst of finding a new physical place at which to host the beautiful divans you have come to love over the years. The time has come to close the doors of Ronica's welcoming Cabbagetown home and move on to a different - but surely no less welcoming - space.

As holds true for all change, this one brings a smile and a tear to our face, but in the end, we look forward to the new possibilities ahead. We hope you do too! In the meantime. though, fear not:  you do not have to give up on your plans for a divan. Ronica will gladly work her culinary magic and create a warm atmosphere in a location of your choosing. So, go ahead, make your booking now; an evening of delicious food and good conversation is just a phone call or an email away. 

We look forward to hearing from you.