Happy summer to all. It has been almost six months since I left my home in Cabbagetown and slowly but surely my new place has taken shape and I feel quite settled and cozy in my new space. In fact, it isn't conducive to regular divans but I hope to host one or two in the fall and winter, so keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, to keep evolving that tradition of sometimes boistrous, sometimes quietly elegant gatherings around toothsome food that are the divans, if anyone is willingto offer their space to schedule one, I am most happy to take themup on the offer. One such "external" divan,if you will, is already set for September 9 in Mississauga - a client generously offered up her home for thepurpose. It will be fun.

Do let me know if you'd like to do the same sometime this year, either for a private group or to include others. 

For now, wishing you all a lovely summer.

Happy Summer! I hope everyone is enjoying this warm and humid weather.

Apologies for the long silence. There was some disruption in my life and so though the divans were operating, it was more on a 'demand' basis; taking on more of a private divan presence. This is how we will operate for the foreseeble future. However, for the the balance of July and August a few dates have been slated:

July -  Saturday the 23rd

August - Saturdays, 6th and 20th.

In the meanwhile, please contact me to book or get information about a private divan. This can be held on a date and at a venue of your choice for a minimum of 6 guests.

Look forward to seeing and hosting severral of you soon. 


It's not looking much like Christmas, but the date definitely seems to indicate it's that time of year! The other shoe is going to drop dramatically and overnight, I think.

Seasons Greetings to you and your loved ones. May the new year bring you all much love, joy, peace, contentment, health and wealth. Let me take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for your business, kindness, gracious company and delightful conversation. It would be a pleasure to host you again, soon.

Dates for divans for early 2016 are -

In January, Saturdays the 16th and 23rd.

Divans in February are scheduled for, the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th - all Saturdays.

And as usual, private divans are available for a minimum of 6 on a date and at a venue of your choice. Do contact me for details.

Greetings friends! Thank you for stopping by our page.

Slowly, slowly Spring is inching into our gardens and streets, hailing fresh beginnings. At Ronica Cooks, we too, are starting a phase of transformation, eagerly looking ahead to new challenges. In fact, we are in tne midst of finding a new physical place at which to host the beautiful divans you have come to love over the years. The time has come to close the doors of Ronica's welcoming Cabbagetown home and move on to a different - but surely no less welcoming - space.

As holds true for all change, this one brings a smile and a tear to our face, but in the end, we look forward to the new possibilities ahead. We hope you do too! In the meantime. though, fear not:  you do not have to give up on your plans for a divan. Ronica will gladly work her culinary magic and create a warm atmosphere in a location of your choosing. So, go ahead, make your booking now; an evening of delicious food and good conversation is just a phone call or an email away. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Recall doing an article for divans till the end of the year which seems to have disappeared! Ah well...technology, right? So here it is again -

First of all there are some changes to the dates I had provided earlier for September. 

In September divans have been scheduled for Thursdays, September 10th and 17th. I am catering a yoga retreat from Friday, September 18th till Sunday, September 20th. Join Sundara Method's Angela Jervis-Read (www.sundaramethod.com) and me for rejuvenating yoga classes, hiking on the Bruce Trail, and some delicious Indian vegetarian food. If you're interested in further details or want to book the weekend with us, check the "Retreat" tab of Sundara Method's site. We will be staying at 189 Stonehill Road (www.189stonehillroad.com).

October divans are planned for Saturdays, October 3rd, 17th, 24th and 31st.

In November they will take place on Saturdays, November 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th.

December divans are scheduled for Saturdays, December 5th, 12th and 19th.

Private divans are available for a minimum of 6 people and can be held at a venue and date of your choice.